Festival Minisode: SIFF Coverage #2

Welcome back to another episode of Feelin’ Film Plus. Returning for another conversation about the Seattle International Film Festival is Mike Ward, a fellow Seattle film critic whose insightful reviews always break down the pros and cons to help us answer that most important of questions, SHOULD I SEE IT? In this episode we discuss a variety of films covering multiple genres such as drama, comedy, science fiction, and (as always) documentaries. 

Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF): https://www.siff.net/festival

Landline – 0:09:34

Time Trap – 0:20:25

Entanglement – 0:29:04

STEP – 0:42:20

The Work – 0:53:09

The Farthest/The Last Animals –  1:07:12


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Intro/Outro Music – “Seeing the Future” by Dexter Britain

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