Festival Minisode: SIFF Coverage #1

The Seattle International Film Festival starts May 18, 2017 and Aaron is joined by guest host, and fellow Seattle film critic, Mike Ward to discuss some of the many films SIFF has to offer moviegoers this year. The guys take a spoiler-free approach in this conversation and try to answer the question that Mike focuses on in his reviews, “Should I see it?” There is a wealth of incredible art to discover so listen close and then seek out some of these amazing films.

Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF): https://www.siff.net/festival

Mike Ward

Twitter – @ShouldISeeIt
Website: http://shouldiseeit.net

Handsome Devil – 0:11:34

Ethel & Ernest – 0:21:33

The Fabulous Allan Carr – 0:30:33

The Force – 0:42:12

Bad Black – 1:01:07   

Intro/Outro Music – “Seeing the Future” by Dexter Britain

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