FF+ Avatar: The Way of Water

In this episode – after 13 long years, James Cameron takes us back to Pandora for an epic sequel to his box-office smash sci-fi adventure.

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3 thoughts on “FF+ Avatar: The Way of Water

  1. Cameron’s apologist just seem to be rationalizing out of defensiveness or needs to take shots at Marvel.

    This is a sequel which regurgitates the same white savior plot as the previous film.

    Dozens of critics have admitted this so why do you pretend otherwise?

  2. Any film reviewer who doesn’t point out the glaringly obvious plot holes, the terrible allusions to other movies like titanic, the dodgy acting, the wooden facial expressions on the sully family, the missed opportunity of a statement film and a clear no2 in a trilogy is not actually reviewing the film. Other issues like stealing Māori culture, underdeveloped characters, tired cliches all contribute to two hours of boring rubbish and one hour of intense violent storytelling. Are we not yet mature enough as an audience to demand better editing? Better story telling? Less crassness? Or are these 5 star reviews paid for ? This is an awful movie

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