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Way more drama than comedy, but the satire can be biting, even if it is rendered less effective by perhaps coming too late. Sadly, it’s underwhelming how all of the family issues sub-plots don’t feel like they coalesce strongly with the main story point and take up most of the runtime. A solid film with strong performances but my experience with this overall was just fine – nothing close to revelatory or emotionally stirring.

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One thought on “FF+ American Fiction

  1. Agreed. Liked the film, but the premise basically echoed one done years earlier with Hollywood Shuffle (which, at the Alamo Drafthouse I watched it in, helpfully showed the trailer for). The target moved from Hollywood itself to the book industry, but the premise – that African Americans in the arts are generally required to adhere to stereotypes to be accepted – pretty much the same. Also, way too many threads they either failed to tie together or just left hanging. But great acting and some funny lines (some of which landed especially hard since I was watching it in Boston).

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