Episode 136: Creed

We’ve patiently waited for this week to come so that we could discuss one of our favorite films. Ryan Coogler’s Creed refreshes the Rocky franchise with as much heart and style as it has ever seen, introducing a new character for us to join on his emotional journey to discover his identity and find relationship. In this super-sized episode, we thoroughly explain everything about Creed that makes it so special to us, and even rank the Rocky franchise before diving into this week’s main conversation.

Rocky Franchise Ranking – 0:01:47

Creed Review – 0:44:06

The Connecting Point – 1:58:39

Link to Patrick talking Rocky on Cinescope Podcast *

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Music: Going Higher – Bensound.com

Additional Music this episode: “Lord Knows / Fighting Stronger” (performed by Meek Mill, Jhené Aiko and Ludwig Göransson) and “Gonna Fly Now” (by  Ludwig Göransson)

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