Inaugural Feelin’ Film Awards – Nominations

We love the community our listeners have formed. We love competing. And we love movies. So what better way to celebrate this than hosting our own awards show – for the people, by the people!

In lieu of a traditional Oscar pool, we have elected to create the Feelin’ Film Awards. To determine our 2016 award nominees, we are asking you to vote at the survey  link below. Points will be assigned based on where you rank your nomination so please pay attention to the order. VOTING CLOSES ON FEBRUARY 5 at 11:45 PM. We will then create a list of the most nominated selections to be voted on by the community of listeners with results announced alongside each category’s respective Oscar on Sunday night, February 26.

(Minimum of one answer per category is required.)
* Reference material for some of the “best” films of the year:

We look forward to seeing your responses and finding out what you think were the best films, performances, and technical achievements of 2016!

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