Aaron White

Aaron is a longtime podcast listener whose passion is to discuss movies in a positive way was realized in the creation of Feelin’ Film alongside his childhood best friend, Patrick. With so much negativity in both film criticism and fandom, the collective dislike of a movie tends to ring louder than those praising it. His hope is that by shining a light on the emotional impact of all films discussed, Feelin’ Film can begin to shape the viewing habits of listeners and encourage them to focus on the best a movie has to offer instead of latching on to what they didn’t like.

He is currently an accredited film critic and member of the Seattle Film Critics Society living in Seattle, WA with his two children, three cats, and Boston Terrier puppy. Though the majority of his free time is invested in Feelin’ Film, he also enjoys watching and discussing sports, playing games, and hiking. He also thoroughly enjoys conversation about all of these things and is active on TwitterFacebook, and Letterboxd.

Patrick Hicks

Patrick or “Patch” as he is known by in many circles, is a longtime lover of the art of storytelling. From books, comics, television and movies, he loves looking at the art form from both a critical and emotional level. He saw Feelin’ Film as an avenue, not only to continue this pursuit in another capacity but to also expose more people to the kinds of conversation he and Aaron share on a daily basis.

He calls Little Rock, Arkansas home with his family of four (his wife, son and two pets). When he’s not podcasting, he’s working on various design projects as a freelance multimedia designer and is also dabbling in the art of writing and directing. You can find him floating around the web on Twitter, Facebook, and his home on the web,

Caless Davis

Ever since I laid eyes on a television screen, cinema has been a constant presence in my life. Films are the images in which dreams are fleshed out and played to the audience of the world. From Disney VHS tapes to now constant days inside the AMC theater, I live and breathe cinema. I’m a very cordial, laid back, and easy going person to get to know; I respect others opinions and am willing to see the other side of disagreements. I love all genres and I still have a long watch list to catch up on when it comes to the classics. When I’m not watching films, I am probably watching basketball, soccer, or football because I’m also a major sports fanatic. I love any discussion of film, and meeting new people to engage in film discussions on any subject. Sometimes my takes can be out of the ordinary, so expect some wackiness from my end, but it comes from a place of respect for the art form of cinema. I am currently an accredited film critic and member of the Seattle Film Critics Society You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Letterboxd, and around the Seattle area if you want to see me in the flesh.