Guest Spot: Reel World Theology

Aaron connected with the guys at Reel World Theology again to talk through one of the most talked about (at least in the facebook group) films of 2016. Check it out.

Oh… we did it. We recorded an episode on the Reel World Theology Group’s most infamous film of 2016. Whether you were let down or you thoroughly enjoyed Passengers, it didn’t detract from the fact that this original sci-fi story had so much going on thematically that we could talk for days. Fortunately, we leave the goodness to speculation and really dive into some of the questions this film takes time to raise.

Reel World Theology #134 – Passengers and Pen Names, Fan Theories, and Online Dating

Guest Spot: Retro Rewind

Patrick joined the boys at Retro Rewind to talk about a favorite from his childhood, Hook. Check out the synopsis below and take a listen to the conversation. BANGARANG!

We calibrate the reflux capacitor for the second star to the right, and head out straight on till we reach 1991’s Hook. We discuss if this Spielberg take on the Peter Pan mythos is worth watching today.

Guest Spot: Retro Rewind

It’s a crossover for the ages. Aaron and Patch join forces with the boys from Retro Rewind to talk about a classic superhero movie, the film that kicked off the mutant franchise we have grown to love: X-Men. Check out the synopsis and episode below. And when you are done, check them out on our episode of Logan.

The RRP crew face off against The Brotherhood of Mutant Feelin’ Film-ers…or something like that. The awesome guys from the Feelin’ Film podcast joined us to talk 2000’s X-Men and discuss if it still gets us X-cited or we want to see it go X-tinct.

Guest Spot: Reel World Theology

Aaron joined the folks at Reel World Theology to talk about 2016 film and predictions for the 2017 Oscars. Here’s the synopsis and link below.

As the 2017 Year in Film is just kicking off, we pause to take a look back at the year that was (2016). For what we hope will be a yearly look-back, we bring in some guests from around the podcasting world to talk about their feelings on 2016, themes and trends they saw make their way to the surface, and then we all take some time to give our opinions about the best stories and story-tellers from the year that was. Who will win the golden statues this year? We don’t know! But we do have opinions!

Reel World Theology #126 – The 2016 Movie Year and a RWT Oscar Preview

Guest Spot: Screenfish

Aaron got to spend some time with Steve Norton over at Screenfish to talk about The Founder. Check out the synopsis and episode below

This week on the show, Steve welcomes co-host of the Feelin’ Film podcast, Aaron White, to serve up a hot and fresh conversation about Michael Keaton’s new movie, THE FOUNDER!  Telling the origin of McDonald’s and it’s global empire, THE FOUNDER also has lots to say about the balance between ambition and pride.

Guest Spot: Retro Rewind

Patrick joins Francisco and Paul at the Retro Rewind Podcast once again to discuss a childhood favorite of his, The Boy Who Could Fly. Check it out along with the synopsis below.

In this episode we go to our room before taking off to uncover the highs and lows of 1986’s The Boy Who Could Fly. Listen to our review with returning guest host Patrick “Patch” Hicks.