Episode 138: Green Book

This week we chat about one of the most expertly acted films of the year, the moving story of an unlikely friendship between Dr. Don Shirley, an accomplished classical piano player, and Tony Lip, an Italian bouncer who is enlisted to drive Shirley on a concert tour through the racially divided deep south. Though it may be easy to predict, the film is based on real-life events and the relationship between Shirley and Lip. Green Book has seen rave critical and audience response, but is not without its critics. We try to navigate the complicated material it covers in this latest conversation about a film that definitely makes us feel.


Green Book Review – 0:04:06

The Connecting Point – 1:05:44

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Music: Going Higher – Bensound.com

Additional Music this episode: “Lord Knows / Fighting Stronger” (performed by Meek Mill, Jhené Aiko and Ludwig Göransson) and “Gonna Fly Now” (by  Ludwig Göransson)

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