Episode 126: Primer

For week two of Sci-Fi September, we get deep… real deep. Primer is one of those time travel movies that demands multiple viewings just to understand, and we frame our discussion around the question of whether that’s actually a good thing or not. We also talk about some of the technical aspects of this low-budget cult classic and, of course, share our emotional responses to the story being told. We are 71.8% sure that our conversation will not require you to take Tylenol afterward, so tune in now!

Primer Review – 0:01:14

The Connecting Point – 0:56:22


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One thought on “Episode 126: Primer

  1. Wow! Loved this episode of Feel’in Film! It actually made me appreciate Primer even more as a film, and I want to rewatch it now! For although I do agree with you, Aaron, about it being a little too inexplicable, i.e. Carruth seemingly not caring about his audience, the frustration of trying to even understand the plot, etc, your guy’s discussion highlighted those human moments in a way I hadn’t fully thought of before. I love that. There is so much to think about! And will make my rewatch of the film that much more enjoyable. ^_^

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