Don Shanahan

Don Shanahan is the creator/founder/blogger of Every Movie Has a Lesson. Don is a former elementary school teacher who is now an instructional coach and a regular credentialed member of the Chicago press pool of film critics.  With his background in education, Don writes with the goal of teaching life lessons, from the serious to the farcical, found within every film. On Feelin’ Film, he contributes “What We Learned This Week,” a weekly blog putting life lessons to current releases and movie trends and occasionally guests on podcasts.

Don’s movie reviews are also published in the Southland Voice community newspaper and on the social platform Medium.  Outside of reviews on his website, Don also presents his own voice and unique take on movie trends, film commentary, and more through website and social media features, columns, and editorials ranging from film discussions, awards talk, “best of” lists, and seasonal previews.  He is one of the founders and a proud member of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle.  He happily resides in Forest Park, Illinois with his tremendous wife Thanh and their two children, Molly and Sam.

Jacob Neff

“All truth is God’s truth.” This oft quoted saying defines Jacob’s satisfaction and enjoyment of the world of film. Sure, he likes mindless fun as much as the next guy, but he also believes in universal truth, and he loves to explore how it resonates in major and minor ways through the diverse creations of filmmakers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s their exploring of the human condition or using their God-given skill and technical mastery to make truly beautiful art. Across the genres, from drama to romance to comedy to horror, from the silent film era to modern day blockbusters, when truth is told creatively, he celebrates.

When Jacob isn’t catching up with some film or the occasional TV show, old or new, or extensively managing his watchlist, you’ll often find him working at his day job as an Android developer, hanging out at home with his family, or involved with his church and Bible study. He is active in the Letterboxd community, is an avid podcast and music listener, loves Chicago professional sports teams, and even finds time for the occasional book. He lives with his incredibly talented, creative, and motivated wife Heather and their three children, Iona, Gabriel, and Toby. Jacob can be found around the clock on Facebook or Twitter.

Jeremy Calcara

For most people, having the fear of missing out means that they run themselves ragged attempting to make it to every gathering and event so that they never miss anything. For Jeremy it means compulsively watching each and every movie or TV show that he’s ever heard someone talk about. Has he watched everything? Of course not. That would be ridiculous. But that fact drives him crazy, so the quest never stops. When he’s not at work or viewing something, he likes to say that it’s because he’s playing with his kids. In reality, if he’s not watching TV or a movie it’s probably because he’s watching baseball. Jeremy and his wife Erin live in Lincoln, Ne with their four children; Jonah, Olivia, James and Joel. You can find him on Facebook or look him up on Twitter, but be forewarned, he mostly tweets about the Kansas City Royals.